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Our Philosophy

I. Overall Wealth Plan Servicing

I. Overall Wealth Plan Servicing

  1. We believe that your retirement plan should offer a diversified selection of investments and insurance products.
  2. We believe in “hands on” education for our clients all the way through to distribution planning stage.
  3. We believe that any and all fees associated with your wealth plan should be reasonable.
II. Client Support

II. Client Support

  1. We will help you evaluate your current investment/insurance strategy.
  2. We will help you develop an overall strategy that is tailored to your financial goals.
  3. As independent advisors, we can offer a variety of non-proprietary investments and insurance products when constructing your wealth plan.
  4. We will work in alliance with your accountant, attorney, and other professionals.
III. Commitment to Client Education and Ongoing Service

III. Commitment to Client Education and Ongoing Service

  1. We have the following educational resources available, i.e. website, weekly market commentary, investor alerts.
  2. We will work with you on a regular basis or as needed to answer any questions and to help ensure your wealth plan is up to date.
  3. We specialize, with a strong focus on the distribution phase, for our clients that are within 10 years before or in retirement.

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